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Carol Dweck’s Theories on Mindset

When I first started reading about this and learning more about it, my first thought is ‘WOW’. This has the potential to change everything that I do moving forward, for myself and everyone around me.

Carol Dweck’s theories on mindset have been instrumental in changing the lives of thousands of people. Not in just small ways […]

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How to Develop a Growth Mindset

If Carol Dweck’s theories about mindset stopped at the point where she discovered that there are essentially two mindsets and that that is where the research would stop, I think that would leave a lot left to be desired. But Carol Dweck took her idea of mindset and sought out how to take someone from […]

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Determining Someone’s Mindset

If you’re going to be helping someone to change their behavior, a key factor is going to be an understanding of the person’s mindset. Is it a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

In the next video, I’m going to take some time and explain ways that can help you determine whether or not someone has […]

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What is your Mindset?

I would like to ask you – what is your mindset?

Thinking terms of a fixed or growth mindset, what is your mindset? I want you to stop and take a moment and really think about this. This could have a huge impact on how you do everything moving forward.

Let’s go back to reviewing Carol […]

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Motivation: Key Factors in Helping Someone Change Their Behaviours at Work.

Motivation is essentially the desire for someone to do something. When you are helping someone change their behavior to be safer on the farm, a key factor in helping you do that, is to understand someone’s motivation. When you’re thinking terms of motivation, you also need to understand that not every single person is going […]

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Activation Theory Explained

Activation theory is essentially based on the idea that there is a minimum amount of energy or desire needed for you to start a task. For example, if you have set a goal for yourself and you want to go out to the gym or go out and exercise, activation theory explains that the amount […]

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Effective Marketing Communication

Essentially, anytime you try to communicate the information, you are doing marketing.

You are trying to become a marketer when you are presenting information about your beliefs or the way that you believe something should be done and you are trying to convince someone to buy in to your idea of how something should be done. […]

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Three Common Learning Styles

This is the definition of Learning according to Wikipedia.

Essentially, it is the act of processing and acquiring new information.A key factor in how we learn something new is that people will process the information in different ways.

I want to take some time and talk about how different people learn different things.

Not everyone learns in the […]

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Learning Process on How to Change Someone’s Behavior in Listening

There are five key steps in the learning process.

Get someone’s attention
Present to them the information
Allow them the time to process and ask questions
Draw conclusions
Apply their learning to the appropriate situation.

When you are presenting the information, there’s going to be a variety of different formats that you can use. But one of the things you want […]

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Key Factors of Effective Communication

When you’re delivering a message and communicating information, you want to ensure that the other person is hearing what you’re saying and understand. Though there’s variety of methods that you can use to do that, today there are so many different ways of communicating your message. But if the message is not being heard, then […]

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