Essentially, anytime you try to communicate the information, you are doing marketing.

You are trying to become a marketer when you are presenting information about your beliefs or the way that you believe something should be done and you are trying to convince someone to buy in to your idea of how something should be done. So anytime that you are communicating you are doing marketing. You are trying to sell your information, you try to sell your message or ideas, beliefs, etc. to convince the other person that what you have has value and that they need to buy in to the ideas that you are trying to present to them.


You have to sell your information. It’s not enough to think in terms of just delivering the information. It has to be sold. You have to get the other person to buy in to it. You have to ensure that they believe that your information is the correct information and perhaps if it’s contrary to their viewpoint, that you have sold them that yours is better than their current thinking.

So one of the key factors that I think you should understand in terms of a marketing message when you’re trying to help someone change the behavior – a lot of big marketing companies, a lot of people that have very large budgets are advertising information using marketing messaging that still does not take this into consideration.

It’s really unfortunate, but I’m seeing a lot of companies are understanding that when you’re delivering a message, one of the most important things you need to do is what’s in it for the other person that’s receiving the message? It needs to be put in terms of the results that they are going to experience. It’s not about just delivering the detailed information about what needs to be done or what you’re offering or the specific requirements of the PPE that you want them to wear. You want to put it in terms of what’s in it for them. And when they understand that, it can be a lot easier for them to buy in to the message that you trying to convey because they are going to have something that they can relate to, that they can understand, and see the consequences of not following information you’re presenting or they can see the benefits of what you’re presenting.

I just want to run through a quick example of something that I have seen that shows what you’re not supposed to do.


So when you’re thinking of creating a marketing message, you want to present it in terms of ‘what’s in it’ for the other person. So let’s look at an example of an online dating site. They have a website where people can go on and they can meet other professionals and connect with them and build a relationship. So this advertisement that I made up quickly as a mock-up, presents very little information in ‘what’s in it’ for the other person who’s reading it.

It’s all about the company that’s delivering the service. I don’t see anything here about the people that are going to benefit from it. There’s no images of people that someone can relate to. It’s all about the company. There’s nothing about the results that someone is going to achieve by going here.

So from someone reading this, they have very little incentive because they don’t see the value of ‘what’s in it for them’.

Online Dating Site

For this ad, it’s a little bit better. Perhaps someone that’s watching this ad may think that it provides them with something that they can relate to. It has some human elements, the company is developing the ad has moved away from providing specific details about the quality of the service. It didn’t necessarily provide more information to allow someone to make a better decision but I still think that this doesn’t convey the message of ‘what are the results’. You have two people, they’re separate, maybe someone can see this and they can relate to it. They can identify with the person in the photo but there’s a big huge space between these two people. They’ve got their arms crossed and they look like they’re in the defensive position. It doesn’t look like they’re having any fun. It doesn’t look like they’re connecting. There was no message here about the results that someone’s going to have as a result of going on this dating site.

Now this is something where you’ve taken it now to more about the results. Go to and here is one of the experiences that you could potentially have – two people going out and enjoying each other’s conversation, having a nice meal, having fun. Those are results that the people can relate to.

So when you’re thinking of terms of presenting a message and you want to sell it, it needs to be presented in a manner that is going to show the benefits for that individual.

For example, you can go through the instructions on how to properly wear personal protective equipment. That’s going to provide them with the key information that they need to know to use it properly. That is one element.

Another element is ensuring that they understand that this is going to help them keep them safe, if they’re going to be wearing eye protection, it’s going to keep their eyes safe.

Give them the opportunity to go home at the end of the day, see their children not have to worry about eye damage. Perhaps if they have sports that they like to play outside of work, where they’re going need to rely on their eyesight, those are things that are results that if they don’t wear their PPE, that could potentially have a serious negative impact on those benefits.

So you’re positioning the message in terms of ‘what’s in it’ for the person. You’re trying to sell your viewpoint.